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If you live with migraine, you have likely heard that a migraine tracker is a critical tool for migraine management. As someone who has lived with migraine for 25 years, I couldn’t agree more. I have tried different ways to track my migraine attacks through the years, including migraine journal, paper diary, calendars, and a notepad app. These days we do everything on our phones, from banking to grocery shopping. So it is not surprising that a migraine tracking app right at our fingertips is a convenient option for migraine management, no matter where we are.  

This brings me to CEFALY Technology, which launched the CeCe migraine tracker and management app this June, significantly improving my migraine management experience. The CeCe migraine tracking app is now available as a free download for iOS and Android HERE.

Have You Heard of CEFALY Technology?

As you may already know, CEFALY Technology is also the maker of the new CEFALY Connected. This FDA-cleared over-the-counter device helps to abort and prevent migraine attacks. CEFALY Connected is a non-invasive medical device placed on the forehead to modify pain sensation in the trigeminal nerve. The device offers two distinct treatment options: a 60-minute ACUTE setting that serves as an abortive treatment and a 20-minute PREVENT setting for daily use to help prevent future attacks. You no longer need a prescription to purchase the CEFALY device, which makes it more accessible. There is a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee which will provide you ample time to determine if this device works for you. Most importantly, you don’t need to buy the CEFALY device to use the free CeCe app.

The CEFALY device is one of the favorite tools in my migraine toolkit. You can get 15% off your purchase with code: parentingwithmigraine.

Benefits Of Using A Migraine Tracker

Using a migraine tracker is essential when living with migraine. Here are some of the benefits of using a migraine tracker: 

  1. It aids you to make a diagnosis;
  2. It helps your doctor to determine whether to prescribe you medications;
  3. It helps your doctor determine whether your medications are working; assess whether your acute or preventive medication is working;
  4. It gives you an opportunity to identify patterns in your attacks (ex: menstrual migraine)
  5. It helps you identify your personal triggers and warning signs;

As you know, migraine has many triggers – weather, stress, hormonal fluctuations, skipping meals, being dehydrated, loud noises, and bright lights. Since we all have different triggers, it is helpful to figure out which ones affect you personally. This can help improve your treatment and migraine management. 

Headache specialists agree that keeping track of your migraine symptoms is an essential tool to help better manage migraine. Over time, patterns may begin to appear, allowing you to understand your triggers and how medications affect you. One of the significant benefits of tracking your migraine symptoms is sharing the information with your healthcare provider, helping to improve your treatment strategy. 

Many people may downplay their symptoms and the frequency of their attacks without realizing it. “Tracking lets your doctor know how frequently the patient has a migraine, how severe it is, and how it affects daily living,” says Hsinlin Cheng, MD, Ph.D., a neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. “We also get insight on how effective migraine medications are when the patient is regularly tracking.” Dr. Cheng added.

It is very common at the end of the month to lose track of how many attacks we had, no matter their severity. Therefore, using a specific and consistent method to track your migraine attacks is the best way. Tracking migraine symptoms can be done in many ways. One of the easiest and efficient ways is using a migraine tracking app. 

CECE’S Features

migraine tracker by cefaly

CeCe is a modern and straightforward migraine management app that offers simplicity in a world full of overwhelm and overstimulation. Its navy color is very soothing. CeCe provides an intuitive way to log your migraine triggers, symptoms, and treatments and recognizes trends over time. 

The calendar embraces a minimalist view with multi-color dots which represent “logged migraine,” “logged treatment,” and “planned treatment.” 

migraine tracker for migraine relief

Often we start a migraine journal with the best intentions by recording every little detail about our migraine attack and what happened before and after. However, it is not helpful or sustainable long term. It is important to keep it simple and record basic information. This is one of the great and convenient features of the CeCe migraine tracking app. After the app download, CeCe guides you through a series of questions to get to know you. Then, when you log a migraine attack or a treatment, CeCe will know exactly what questions to ask and which options to offer in response, making the process quick and seamless.  

The CeCe app easily lets you log your migraine attack in real-time but also gives you an option to log the attack when it’s over. I recommend logging it in shortly after the attack while you can still remember all the critical information. I log an entry when my migraine attack starts and then answer straightforward questions after it’s over. 

One of my favorite features of CeCe is the journal option. Once you log an attack, you can write additional comments in the journal entry. Since I’m used to making notes in my Notes app on my phone, I love having this feature. 

Once you check out the CeCe migraine tracking app, I would love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment below or find me on Instagram

Learn how the CeCe migraine tracker and management app can significantly improve your migraine experience and bring you one step closer to migraine relief. #migrainerelief


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