5 Places I Have Used The CEFALY Device for Migraine

Woman using cefaly connected device for migraine management

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CEFALY is an FDA-cleared neuromodulation device for acute and preventive migraine treatment. It is the first tool I reach for when I feel a migraine attack. I have been using the CEFALY device for years and have used a few different versions. I am grateful that the company listens to patient feedback to improve the devices that help many people. 

June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Although I am a devoted migraine advocate all year round, I would love to take this opportunity to spread the word about treatments that could help you manage migraine and improve your quality of life. Trying new migraine treatments and tools is essential, as you never know what may work for you. 


I am very excited about the new CEFALY Connected with its updated new features. The Bluetooth-enabled CEFALY Connected device syncs with the CeCe Migraine Management app. This way, you can track your treatments on your phone and use the data to find potential migraine triggers. My favorite feature of this updated CEFALY device is seeing CEFALY’s battery life within the app. Now I always know when to charge the device so it is fully charged when I need to use it. Another significant improvement is that this version does not have a flashing light like its CEFALY DUAL counterpart. The CEFALY team values users’ input and strives to make the best product possible. 

5 Places I Have Used The CEFALY Device

While I love using my CEFALY on the couch, I also appreciate that CEFALY is fully portable. As a parent with migraine I rely on migraine tools that are easy to use anywhere life takes me. Migraine doesn’t just strike at home, and life doesn’t stop because you have an attack. 

  1. Airport – I recently attended Retreat Migraine, and it felt like such a big ordeal as I haven’t flown in a while. I was grateful for my CEFALY device and used it at the gate before boarding and on the airplane. 
  1. In the hotel during a family vacation – My family and I recently went to Great Wolf Lodge on a not-so-migraine-friendly vacation. My kids had a fantastic time, but I worked hard on trying to avoid an attack. I took breaks from the loud and chlorinated water park to use my CEFALY device in the hotel room.
  1. By the Pool – With the summer heat in full blast, my kids are often by the pool. Meanwhile, I watch them from the comfort of a lounge chair, in the shade, with my CEFALY device on. (CEFALY can make make me feel sleepy so I make sure my husband is around to keep an eye on the kids.)
  1. In a meeting – I have used CEFALY in a few meetings. It makes me feel like Wonder Woman, so I go with it. People ask me what I’m wearing, and are generally curious and understanding. 
  1. In the car – I have used my CEFALY device as a passenger on long car rides. Using my CEFALY device in the car increases my chances of being migraine free at my destination.  

Try Cefaly Device For Migraine Management

CEFALY has been my go-to tool at the first sign of a migraine attack. It has been incredibly effective in stopping my migraine attacks or lowering their intensity. Its portability makes it a staple in my migraine toolkit for when I leave the house. 

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